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[2018-07-10 05:35:02] #Newsid: 15358 | View: 34757

‘Loot Run’ On STEAM Challenges You

Three Guys Game Studio is proud to announce the official launch for Loot Run, an exciting runner RPG rich on features and content. Loot Run includes a moving story with unexpected twists and turns. Anora, Carthage, Drax, Malak and Nathaniel are just some of the personalities you will meet. Loot Runis a linear RPG with a deceptively complex skill-set and underlying game mechanics, which have been polished and perfected over the past couple of years.

Loot Run has a total of 36 unlockable skills, of which you assign 6 to the skill bar. All have different synergies, strengths and weaknesses. Combat is fast and furious, and you must master the different combinations of skills, gear selection and specialization choices to succeed. 

Loot Run features a main story lasting about 8-10 hours and upon completion you enter the more competitive aspects of the game; Endless- and Hardcore-Modes! Endless mode challenges you to take your character and build the perfect gear/skill set to survive increasingly difficult waves of enemies in the Abyss. The further you get, the sweeter rewards, extra challenges and achievements you«ll unlock. And while Endless mode has the luxury of storing extra gear, farming, and maximizing specs, Hardcore Endless mode does not!

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