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[2018-09-03 06:35:02] #Newsid: 15446 | View: 5289

In the new horror game Uventa you play a simple night guard who ended up in an abandoned school..

Immerse yourself into the sticky and stuffy atmosphere of an abandoned Soviet-era school in a new horror game Uventa that's being released on Steam! BlackRat Studio developers decided to move away from the cliché of “investigative reporter” and created a unique and dramatic story. You start as a night watchman doing the ordinary rounds, finding yourself in a long abandoned school, and you end up – well, we’re not gonna tell you… This is the main intrigue of the game, according to the developers, it might really surprise the players.

There are many puzzles in the game waiting to be cracked before moving any further, carefully sequenced mini-quests, strange and even incomprehensible invents and, of course, you won«t be the only one within these walls. Cunning will be your best weapon, as well as strategic thinking and the desire to unravel the mystery of an abandoned building. Without a shotgun, you’ll have to take part in terrible events all on your own – when reality turns into nightmare so often then the difference between them is completely erased. The developers focus on the plot and its outcome, the players will find out not only the actual cause of what’s happening but also their own place in this nightmare and make the right choice.

Atmospheric Survival Horror Game Uventa is developed by the BlackRat Studio. The game is being released on Steam:

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