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[2021-03-14 14:35:01] #Newsid: 17058 | View: 31825

Queen: Rock Tour is available on Android / iOS

With live music in lockdown and the return of tours still uncertain, rock group Queen has come up with a safe alternative – no masks, no social distancing, just the good old fashioned live experience, with ‘Queen: Rock Tour’, the band’s first ever official game for Android and iOS devices.

The arrival of the play-along rhythm game comes at a significant landmark for Queen. With 50 years now having passed since the 1971 recruiting of John Deacon, completing Queen’s classic line-up, 2021 marks a Queen Golden Jubilee that the band was hoping to celebrate with fans. A massive 29-date European stadium and arena tour planned for this year has been forced to be delayed to 2022.

Queen: Rock Tour gives players a chance to experience the majesty and might of the Queen [live] experience on their phones supported by extensive attention to detail contributed by the official Queen archives and experts. Hit the stage and perform with the entire band as you unleash your music talents to play thrilling guitar riffs, heart-pounding drum solos and much more. All you need to do is tap the tiles in time with the rhythm!

The game allows users to fully immerse themselves into the world of Queen – Progress and score points by playing along to 20 of their most popular hits including: Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You, Radio Ga Ga, I Want to Break Free and We Are The Champions, whilst performing at 10 historic concert venues from around the world. Style your performances with over 40 official and iconic costumes from the band’s history and help unlock fun trivia facts and exclusive images from the official Queen archives, by scoring highly in the game.

Queen’s music has been featured in major mobile music games before, but for the first time ever the band will be releasing their own dedicated mobile experience in Queen : Rock Tour.

Queen remain one of the most popular groups in the world today, transcending multiple generations of fans, a position further buoyed by the phenomenal global success of their Academy Award-winning 2018 biographical film Bohemian Rhapsody, which tells the incredible story of the band’s historic career and quickly became the highest grossing music biopic in history. The film’s title was inspired by their iconic 1975 single “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the world’s most-streamed song from the 20th Century and the first pre-1980’s song to achieve more than 1 billion video views.

Queen: Rock Tour was created in association with Universal Music Group, Hollywood Records and developed by Gameloft for brands, leader in the creation of gaming experiences for brands. Rock Tour is certain to appeal to fans old and young alike and is sure to find a place in the hearts of the millions of Queen fans around the world.

Download Queen: Rock Tour free on Apple App Store:

Download Queen: Rock Tour free on Google Play:

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[2021-03-14 04:35:01] #Newsid: 17057 | View: 32790

Lineage 2 Essence Global Update: New Race, New Beginning

The game welcomes Sylphs, and Innova announces the launch of new European servers for the legendary game. Now is the chance for every player to get a fresh start, to choose a different path, and rise to fame and eminence.

On the 25th  of February Lineage 2 Essence in Europe got a new global update. This update includes a new race, Sylphs, as well as a unique gunslinger class. New inter-server location, Hellbound, and Purge, a highly challenging mission, have become the latest additions to the game. And, last but not the least, the players now can change race and class for their characters. This opportunity is available for a month for all characters of Lv. 76 and higher.

Brand new servers, Rose and Pink, were started to celebrate the global update. So the players have the chance to start from scratch and to be the first to get to the top of the server.

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[2021-03-13 18:35:01] #Newsid: 17056 | View: 33767

Retro Rules - Castle Kong is Out

Castle Kong - Nintendo Switch - Let the Tournament Begin!
Retro, REtro, RETro, RETRo, RETRO
Retro Retro - Play, Win and Become Loaded - well nearly! - Retro Retro.

Castle Kong puts the Retro into Retro gaming… A true homage to the good ole days. Castle Kong is out . ‘You’ may not get it, but many have already! [As far as the pie can see]. Put simply, Castle Kong is a celebration of the classic Nintendo arcade game, Donkey Kong, recreating the same kind of looks, retro graphical world and stages, while presenting completely new addictive challenges that were presented in bygone times. 22 levels traversing four different stages, with just 3 lives to complete your epic quest. Oh yes, and there’s prizes.

But there is more………… A game with fringe bonuses!
Give it a go….. Why not?

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