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[2021-03-12 02:35:02] #Newsid: 17052 | View: 3918

Multiplatform ‘Knights Of Riddle’ Challenges You To A Game Of Adventure, Exploration And Puzzles In Mysterious Lands

Brave Knights Are Summoned To Join An Exciting Casual Adventure! Indie game developer Game Scorpion is proud to invite adventure gamers of all ages and experience levels to join an epic quest in Knights Of Riddle to explore the lands and lore of Riddle, a vast world teeming with magic and mysteries to uncover. Available as a free download on PC via STEAM, iOS and Android compatible devices, Knights Of Riddle is an episodic 3rd person adventure featuring hack-and-slash gameplay and a compelling storyline. 

Knights Of Riddle challenges you to play as Oz Macrion, a young Prince and one of many knights of Riddle. Guided by the Omicron Acqua, a special book of knowledge and wisdom, you must learn the art of the Omicron Acqua as you explore and progress through the world, learning the story and lore and meeting fellow knights along the way. Featuring an intuitive and simple melee combat system, you must battle enemies and dodge or jump to avoid dangers and attacks. Join quests, explore caverns, solve puzzles and interact with NPCs in the town of Macrion as you play. 
Knights Of Riddle is a gimmick-free game, which means it is ad- and loot-free with the first of many upcoming episodes included in the download for free. Future episodes will be available as in-app updates and episode 2 has just been released, extending the game with new challenges and more exploration, in addition to a new chapter in the lore.    
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