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[2021-06-14 09:35:01]  #Newsid: 17158 | View: 3282

The Sandbox Unveils New Details About First Public Alpha: The Explorers, Coming This Summer

Dev Diary #1 shows off the main hub, new interfaces and Game Maker features! The Sandbox, the virtual world built onto the blockchain, has revealed new information about the game’s highly-anticipated Public Alpha: The Explorers. In this developer diary, The Sandbox has shared a first look at the game’s main hub; the starting point for your adventure in the Multiverse. A new Marketplace interface allows players to buy NFT wearables for their avatar and see all of the most important information at a glance, including the creator’s other designs. With the new Marketplace, you can now buy new LANDs directly, your own customisable piece of virtual real-estate that can be anything from an art gallery to a challenging combat arena.

The Sandbox has updated their Game Maker to include new combat mechanics such as a Parry and a Charged Attack with new UI to help you fend off enemies. Not to mention the quality of life updates with new camera controls and an auto-climb for a smoother user experience. Check out the Dev Diary:

In The Explorers alpha event, all players will be able to download the game client and access the Main Hub, where they can visit the NFT museum, learn about the factions of The Sandbox and socialize with other players. The Alpha will be packed with more than 50 exclusive studio-approved experiences, offering hours of challenge and fun. Crafted social hubs will also be released where players can meet up with friends, meet new people and explore the lore of the Multiverse’s different factions.