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[2023-01-08 14:35:01]  #Newsid: 18055 | View: 4633

Critically Acclaimed ‘Nordicandia’ Challenges You To Fight Hordes Of Monsters In Semi-Idle Action RPG On PC & Mobile

Experience A Deep & Unique Crafting System. Indie game developer and publisher Iterative Studios is proud to announce a major update and new season to their critically acclaimed action RPG, Nordicandia, available as a FREE download on Early Access via STEAM in addition to iOS and Android. Nordicandia is a massively popular semi-idle action RPG in which you create the ultimate warrior, collect loot, merge and craft items, and level up your character to achieve world domination!

Nordicandia is currently in open BETA but is already packed with unique content and features and has gained a growing following of players and fans as each update continues to improve upon an already polished gameplay experience. You can play as a Mighty Warrior, an Agile Hunter, or a Powerful Mage. Assign Attributes to specialize your Character and unlock unique Active and Passive Skills as you progress. Battle against Beasts, Demons, Orcs, Dragons, and more, in many different worlds, and defeat the fiercest of bosses for epic rewards! Your character will target and attack monsters automatically; you can tap-to-move and use skills and potions in strategic moments. Play actively as much as you want (no limiting Energy system) or let your character gain Experience and Loot even when you«re not playing! Merge stats from one item to another with Essences at the Blacksmith and use Relics to empower your equipment further!
Nordicandia has no level cap(!), and you can play against other players in Seasons and Leaderboards to achieve cool rewards; You can choose to participate in competitive ladders and progress through the Season challenges or play a more relaxed gameplay session in the Normal mode. Hardcore mode do-or-die is also available. Level up and prepare to fight and defeat the fiercest of evil for fame and fortune. 
Nordicandia is available to download from here