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[2023-01-09 14:35:01]  #Newsid: 18057 | View: 4275

The ‘FORTRESS OF FEAR’ Challenges Your Puzzle-Solving Skills In An Unforgettable First-Person Adventure On STEAM

Defeat The Demonic Entity Roaming Your Manor! Indie game developer and publisher Gnarlewood is encouraging all fans of adventure- and puzzle games to download and try out their unique debut title, FORTRESS OF FEAR, offering grand scale architecture, epic music, and a profoundly immersive atmosphere with compelling gameplay and surprises! FORTRESS OF FEAR is available exclusively on PC via STEAM.

FORTRESS OF FEAR features you playing as Lord Robert Temin on an epic quest to rescue the Soul of Lady Elizabeth Kestle from the evil clutches of the Demonic Entity roaming the castle. You must make your way through a massive fortress, traveling back and forth in the four seasons of time, avoiding all manner of deadly traps while solving mind-bending 3D puzzles that promise to challenge even the most experienced of players.
FORTRESS OF FEAR offers a grand single-player journey and adventure with gorgeous graphics and plenty of surprises. The incredible architecture must be seen to be believed, and the compelling gameplay will engross the most talented of adventurers. The game offers a linear gameplay experience with more than 60 checkpoints and endless hours of play. Along the way, you must collect game spheres of various colors to solve certain puzzles and enhance your player abilities. Avoid the deadly skull ghosts and lethal spike traps, or your puzzle-solving days will be over quickly! Levers that operate chains, open doors, and reveal trapdoors where least expected must be found.
FORTRESS OF FEAR includes a wealth of fun and engaging puzzles to solve: memory puzzles, word games, logic puzzles, music games, picture puzzles, and numerous more. Do you have what it takes to rescue Lady Elizabeth Kestle and restore peace to the historical fortress of your ancestors? 
FORTRESS OF FEAR is available here: