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[2023-01-15 09:35:01]  #Newsid: 18068 | View: 7076

Visit And Explore An Island Full Of Ancient And Extinct Dinosaurs In a Breathtaking ‘Prehistoric Hunt’ On STEAM

Who is the hunter, and who is the Prey?
Two years ago, Indie game developer and publisher Antiproto Studios released Prehistoric Hunt on PC via STEAM Early Access; since then, the studio has continued to improve upon the game and has released a steady stream of exciting updates making an already excellent gameplay experience even bigger and better! Prehistoric Hunt is an incredible game where you dive into intense dinosaur hunting adventures with your friends: complete hunting contracts for Preton Corporation, gather rewards, improve your equipment and become a master hunter.

Prehistoric Hunt is played on a large island and is the ultimate single- and multiplayer dinosaur hunting game you have been waiting for. Different dinosaur species inhabit the island, and the terrain varies from high mountains to dense forests and open plains. Your task is to hunt dinosaurs and to complete varying hunting assignments to gain rewards for new equipment or freely hunt whatever you like. You can discover tracks on the ground and listen for dinosaur calls to catch the prey you seek. While some are calmer herbivores, others are more aggressive carnivores. Approaching a dinosaur is not without risk; you must observe and learn how each species differs. Hunting can be done with traditional firearms, but there is also an option to use tranquilizers and bows. And while some weapons have more firepower, others are quick to handle. 
Prehistoric Hunt is available via STEAM

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