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[2023-02-11 01:35:02]  #Newsid: 18102 | View: 5581

Cool Update To ‘Generic RPG Idle’ On Early Access via STEAM Adds New Audiovisual Content

Japanese Developer Offers Turn-Based Combat Stripped To The Core Set In Brazil!
Indie game developer and publisher Perennial Hearts is proud and excited to announce an audiovisual update (and new trailer) to Generic RPG Idle, a fun game where loot matters and where you optimize your equipment, defeat mighty foes, perform dark rituals and enjoy a medieval tale of revenge in a twisted version of Brazil. Available exclusively on Early Access via STEAM, the new “Sound Of Art” update adds richly detailed animations, atmospheric sound effects and compelling new soundtrack to an already fun gameplay experience. 

Generic RPG Idle offers turn-based combat stripped to the core; gather loot, optimize your equipment, defeat mighty foes, and enjoy the story as you progress. Elite enemies challenge how optimized your build is while random-free combat ensures attacks never miss. The Early Access build offers two chapters of the story in addition to the open-ended adventure that you can play for as long as you want. Deadly combat awaits as you explore, craft, and learn various skills while fighting; always seek out better loot, help the local villagers, embed flowers with powerful magic, and perform rituals for the Lunar Gods!
Generic RPG Idle is available via STEAM
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