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[2023-02-16 20:35:01]  #Newsid: 18109 | View: 5943

Puzzle-Platformer ‘Henosis’ On STEAM Receives Major ‘Netherworld’ Patch Adding a New World & Unique Challenges

Test Your Reflexes In this Surreal, Visceral World!
Indie game developer and publisher Odd Critter Games is proud to announce a major update and patch to HENOSIS, a visually stunning 2D puzzle-platformer with unique controls and a blob on a mission to preserve life by gathering water. Exclusively available on PC, Mac and Linux via STEAM and, HENOSIS challenges you to play a viscous glob of water as you follow a trail of droplets and discover your fate in bizarre lands.

HENOSIS propels you into a weird and visceral world where you take control of a small, viscous blob seeking the exit of each level. Featuring four distinct and beautiful worlds, you must traverse your way through twenty-five hand-crafted levels, each becoming progressively harder with obstacles and enemies to outwit and overcome. Your task is to collect precious water tokens to restore vitality to the drought-ridden world, and what seems like an obvious escape is made exponentially harder by intense boss-fights and unexpected surprises! Bombs are available to take out weak structures and even powerful foes, and timing is critical; watch and observe the environment closely and use the “time-slow” ability to discover your way round tricky obstacles on each level. Patience is key to your success and much of your movement will depend on your impeccable timing.
HENOSIS has just been updated and improved with the Netherworld patch adding a new world, revamped levels, and plenty of new content, such as laser turrets, slippery surfaces, rotating spikes and platforms in addition to looping dual-path lasers and much more! 
Henosis is available via STEAM
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