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[2023-05-15 22:35:01]  #Newsid: 18259 | View: 4224

‘Violations Will Be Punished’ Offers An Old-School Dystopian Turn-Based Strategy Game Available On STEAM

Let’s Together Make The Solar System A Better Place! Indie game developer and publisher Igor Galochkin is proud to announce the worldwide release of his debut game, Violations Will Be Punished, an old-school turn-based strategy game with a philosophical story set in a dystopian 23rd century Solar System. Available today via STEAM, the game is compatible with PC, Mac and Linux systems. 

Violations Will Be Punished puts you into a dystopian mega corporation. You search for meaning, and eventually discover your true destiny: to rule the world from the shadows. Featuring a humorous twist, the story and game make fun of authoritarian systems, consumerism, and mediocrity. Space Mining Inc. is your ruthless employer. If you don’t comply, you get gassed by cyanide and re-synthesized with a decreased IQ! Maybe the time has come to defect to other factions? And outwit everyone to rise to the top!?!
Violations Will Be Punished merges the old-school real-time strategy formula with turn-based combat. You gather minerals and produce new units amidst dynamic turn-based battles. Featuring 6 factions, 8 challenging campaigns and more than 100+ missions to complete, the game is packed with dozens of hours of content and exciting gameplay. You can adjust the difficulty level to accommodate TBS veterans, RTS players, and casual players inexperienced with the genre. You may also come up with, and create, your very own missions, units and factions using the built-in intuitive editors. A skirmish mode with hotseat multiplayer is also supported, in addition to a host of customizable options for tailoring the gameplay. 
Violations Will Be Punished is available via STEAM

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