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[2023-05-22 08:35:02]  #Newsid: 18272 | View: 6745

Puzzle-Adventure ‘Quant’ On STEAM Challenges You To Master Quantum Physics

Leap Into The Journey Guided By Professor Svobodan!
Indie game developer and publisher PetRem Labs is inviting players of all ages and experience levels to download and tryout Quant, a unique and colorful puzzle-adventure available on PC, MacOS and Linux via STEAM. Guided by geeky Professor Randov you must tackle and learn Quantum Physics in a fun and engaging gameplay experience that will challenge even the best of players. 

Quant is a fun game where you incarnate Atom in his quest for independence. As you play you learn real-world Quantum effects and knowledge of how it applies to progress in your adventure. You are guided by Professor Svobodan Randov along the way as he uncovers Atom’s Quantum powers to free himself from the oppressing world! There are no mind-bending equations or formulas, only clever thinking, and plenty of intuition. Featuring a profound narrative that is philosophically engaging you will also be the subject of Quantum experiments. Puzzles must be solved along the way to give you an intuition of Quantum mechanics. Suitable to players of all experience levels, the game offers endearing characters, mesmerizing visuals, and a pleasing atmosphere.

Leap into this fantastic journey by obtaining your own version of the game today.

Quant is available via STEAM
Developer Website
YouTube Channel