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[2022-11-05 10:35:01]  #Newsid: 17964 | View: 12738

Play hide and survive in new stealth horror prequel adventure Hello Puppets: Midnight Show, out!

Unravel the bloodcurdling origin story behind Owen Gubberson’s magically maniacal puppet creations. Indie developer Otherworld Interactive have released their stealth horror adventure game Hello Puppets: Midnight Show on PC via Steam. This dramatic excursion combines pop-out scares, witty puppet humor and a bittersweet, mystery-filled thriller story with a vibrant ‘80s backdrop.

In Hello Puppets: Midnight Show, discover the story behind the infamous puppets who haunted terrified gamers in Hello Puppets! VR through this perplexing prequel adventure. It’s 1987, play as Owen Gubberson, master puppeteer and creator of a rapidly-failing Muppets knock off show called “Mortimer’s Handeemen”. In a last-ditch effort to save his dying programme, Owen uses a mysterious spell to bring his puppets to life. However, the spell backfires and transforms the animated Handeemen into sadistic, evil versions of themselves, and they’re let loose in the soundstage. Survive as Owen attempts to outrun his puppets and reverse the spell before the puppets slaughter him and escape!

“Hello Puppets: Midnight Show is a love letter to iconic stealth horror games and we are so excited to finally release it”, said Andrew Allen, Creative Director at Otherworld Interactive. “Creating this game would not have been possible without the support from the dedicated community who fell in love with the first game, and this prequel has everything they want and more. We are so excited to share the thrilling origin story of our infamous puppets with fans and new players alike!”