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[2023-01-12 02:35:02]  #Newsid: 18063 | View: 6799

Adventurous Clan Of Vikings Need Your Help In Strategy-Puzzler ‘Dolmenjord – Viking Islands’ On STEAM

Arrange The Viking Village To Expand Your Domains! Dolmenjord - Viking Islands is a casual puzzle game with strategic elements that challenge you to arrange a Viking village to expand your domains to progress. 

Dolmenjord - Viking Islands takes its inspiration from Norse mythology, and under the protection of the almighty God, Njord, you oversee a clan of Vikings seeking fame and fortune by conquering new lands. Your task is to help organize buildings and villages, thus solving the increasingly complex puzzles on your quest to dominate new lands. To progress in the game, you must set up each Viking village according to a few rules: all the available houses and walkway pieces from the bottom of the screen must be placed, and each house must face the walkway, and the walkway must give access to the port opening the next level. When the challenge is met, Njord activates the Dolmen, completing the island conquest! Thus, the explorers can sail to a new island! 
Dolmenjord - Viking Islands is suitable for players of all ages and experience levels and features gorgeous graphics rendered in rich detail in addition to atmospheric Viking-inspired music and sound effects. The game has the conceptual and art direction by Allan Postal with an immersive soundtrack composed by Arthur Brito.
Dolmenjord - Viking Islands is available via STEAM from here:

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