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[2023-02-27 23:35:01]  #Newsid: 18127 | View: 7735


A game 30 years in the making! FINALLY! That is the keyword for the Playstation 4/5 version of 1993 Shenandoah that has finally (there is it again!) reached the Sony consoles - only 30 years later the original plan to have it released on Commodore Amiga.

Development started in 1992, and the dreams about creating a Commodore Amiga game began even earlier. In 1993 the game was almost ready for release, but teenage drama came into play - and it never saw the light of day. Not in that decade anyways, nor the one after…

Some 20+ years and a few gray hairs (and the loss of even more) later, the 1993 game surfaced on PC. The game designer from way back when had finally been able to release the project that the younger version of himself thought was the ticket to buying one of those cars from Outrun.

1993 on PC had all the original graphics, music, sound effects, and gameplay. This was from a time when games were hard, and nobody complained about it. The not-skilled gamers just faced the fact that not everybody will get a medal. In today«s games, designers have figured out that including several difficulties will invite more people to play and have fun. And this is what the 1993 Shenandoah also did, bringing today’s sensibilities into a title of yesterday. The perfect fusion of 20th and 21st-century gameplay makes it fun and enjoyable for everyone.

1993 Shenandoah is a time machine to the 90«s with a smooth touch of today sprinkled over it. The Playstation 4 version also runs on the Playstation 5, which is really good as the game pushes the hardware to the very limit. Okay, it doesn't. The joypad's tech alone could probably play it.

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