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[2023-04-10 20:35:01]  #Newsid: 18183 | View: 5877

Enjoy A ‘Fabulous Field Trip’ On iOS & STEAM Offering Casual Players An Excursion Of Knowledge And Games

Explore A Virtual Island With 42 Games To Play!
Mexican-based indie game developer and publisher Ensenasoft specialized in producing casual games suitable to players of all ages and experience levels is proud to announce the worldwide release of Fabulous Field Trip, a fun island exploration game packed with educational content and fun casual games aimed at children aged 9-12 as well as adults. Available on iOS and on Windows and MacOS via STEAM, Fabulous Field Trip offers a memorable excursion on a virtual island featuring no less than 42 fun and challenging games to master. 

Fabulous Field Trip is a rich exploration game combining learning and fun. Upon your arrival on the island, you visit the clothing store, where you can change your appearance and choose your outfit from 100’s of beautiful and unique combinations. You can return as often as you like and even save up to 9 of your favorite outfits on an intuitive wardrobe ring enabling you to switch instantaneously. When you leave the clothing store, your next destination is a visit to the exciting museum of history and art. Marvel at the beauty of 88 fantastic paintings you will appreciate and learn to recognize; pass through the dinosaur room to see the fossils of 13 amazing dinosaurs and enjoy the more than 40 fantasy artifacts in the animal artifact room. Next comes a visit to the museum café for refreshments and extra energy with a free coffee or cappuccino. And while you’re there, enjoy the challenging puzzles and games at each table!
Fabulous Field Trip includes a lot more: at your leisure, you may visit the aquarium filled with over 69 different types of fish and marine life wonderfully animated in glorious detail before you visit the adjoining insectarium with 50 various insects you can learn to identify. Then, enjoy an afternoon in the blissful botanical gardens filled with 64 beautiful flowers. And no excursion would be complete without a visit to the disco with its fun arcade games, delicious ice cream cones, and fantastic board game room.
You are never too old for a field trip! Besides being great for children, the dozens of games in Fabulous Field Trip and the varying difficulty levels for each game make them suitable for players of all ages. They can readily be enjoyed by senior adults who wish to challenge their minds. Playing mental games and exercises may not stop Dementia or Alzheimer’s when diagnosed. Still, studies have shown that brain exercise throughout life can help to build a healthy reserve of brain cells and connections. This can minimize the risk of Dementia, and they are also the key to slowing down the negative impact of Alzheimer’s. Mental puzzles can also help to calm the mind and keep stress and anxiety at bay.
There is a collection of 4 arcade games to beat to players seeking thrill and action, including HOPPER, Block Blowout, Falling Tetrominoes, and MOP: Operation Cleanup. These games help improve visual attention, sustained attention, reaction times, and focusing skills. Fabulous Field Trip supports English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese, and is available from here:

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