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[2023-04-11 12:35:01]  #Newsid: 18184 | View: 5733

‘Defend from Candyland!’ Featuring Retro-Inspired Pixel-Art Offers The Sweetest Tower Defense Game On STEAM

Can You Resist The Temptation Of Downloading?!?  
Indie game developer and publisher MI Pixel is proud to announce the release and availability of Defend from Candyland! now available on PC via STEAM. In this refreshing single-player Tower Defense game featuring pixel-based eye candy you are tasked to join in the battle against evil, sour candy! Do you have what it takes to prevail against an endless incoming candy threat?

Defend from Candyland! challenges you to keep your wits about and to build and strengthen your defenses. The trees of Eden are under attack in your forest, and you must plant your different trees to fight off the approaching candy. Build up a plant-based defense to protect the trees from both land and air and try to overwhelm your opponent by occupying your playing-field with defenses or opt for a few select plants that you level-up; the choice is yours! 
Defend from Candyland! features a top-down view and is suitable to players of all ages and experience levels: in the normal mode of play, there are 120 levels to complete, in which you play your way through the levels to test your skills against numerous preset map layouts and minion waves. In the configurable endless mode with public leaderboard support, you defeat wave after wave of candies and see how many you can defeat. Will you make it to the top and ultimately beat the developer who designed and produced the game?
Defend from Candyland! includes a host of colorful and adorable characters; The Oracle is the leader of Eden and is all-knowing. Mrs. Applebee runs the local shop and weaponsmith selling a variety of items aiding you on your quest for success. The Sergeant uses his insider knowledge and experience to lead heroes into the never-ending battle, commanding the warriors in all areas of Eden, while Dr. Dexter is considered the smartest tree around, aside from The Oracle, of course, and uses his vast knowledge to educate players on all aspects of Eden. The list of characters is extensive, and with time and experience you will be introduced to them all. No Tower Defense game is complete without an arsenal of different trees at your disposal. You can use them to build a path for the candy to follow as well to shoot them down! Plant, upgrade and sell your trees until you have the perfect defense! Part of the fun is discovering your options and learning to use your resources wisely. 
Defend from Candyland! is available via STEAM

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