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[2023-04-21 12:35:01]  #Newsid: 18204 | View: 4994

First-person Bullet-hell Shooter Bone Dust Out on Steam!

The nightmare circus is in town…
Finnish-Japanese gaming company, Toko Midori, has announced the launch of its latest published game, Bone Dust. Developed by the innovative Finnish studio Platonic Partnership, Bone Dust is a free-to-play first-person bullet-hell shooter with a unique and unsettling art style that is sure to leave players bewildered.

In Bone Dust players must battle against hordes of horrendous enemies resembling a twisted circus, using rapid bursts of playing cards to defeat them. The game is set in a simple large arena where players must dodge projectiles and shoot encroaching baddies. With gameplay reminiscent of Devil Daggers, Bone Dust is sure to provide an intense and exciting experience for players. 

The game's developer, Platonic Partnership, is known for creating fascinating oddities such as Lydia and Voltage High Society. Bone Dust promises to continue that trend with its mind bending visual style and challenging gameplay. 

The current pre-season of the game includes an arcade-like single arena and a final boss fight. The Season 1 level patches and leaderboards will be locked-in when the innovative "pay2brag" leaderboards launch with version 1.0 on April 20, 2023.