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[2023-05-13 05:35:02]  #Newsid: 18254 | View: 6479

Medieval Dynasty: NOW on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Genre-defining blend of survival, city builder and RPG released for last-gen systems. Developer Render Cube and Publisher Toplitz Productions announce the release of Medieval Dynasty on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Starting today you can experience all the content and the gameplay that made this exciting genre-blend a hit on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S also on last-generation consoles.

Trying to escape from war you journey to a peaceful valley to build a new life. Surviving off the land while you enhance your trade or hunting skills is only the beginning in this feudal adventure. Build houses and their decorations not only for you but also for other residents that decide to follow you. Find a spouse and raise a family. Explore the vast open game world and form a Dynasty that will last generations.
The specially adapted version of Medieval Dynasty utilizes the hardware to the max including all previously available updates and content. Starting with the intuitive building system, the impressive open world waiting to be explored and the extensive content, including the last huge “heir” update, you get the same scope and replayability on last-gen consoles that characterizes the previously released versions on PC as well as current generation consoles.
Medieval Dynasty is digitally available now in the PlayStation Store and the Microsoft Store on Xbox. The PC version 1.0 was released on Steam, and the Epic Games Store in fall 2021 after a highly successful early access phase, and sold over a million copies to date. Versions for current gen consoles have been available since October 2022 and have secured an active community as well.
Currently Render Cube is working on the highly anticipated co-op-mode, which will be released on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S later this year. More info on this highly requested feature will be available soon.
Medieval Dynasty - PlayStation Store:
Medieval Dynasty - Microsoft Store on Xbox:  
Medieval Dynasty - STEAM