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[2023-06-04 08:35:01]  #Newsid: 18286 | View: 4051

‘PocketCiv’ On STEAM Offers A Playful & Light 4X Strategy Game Suitable To Players Of All Experience Levels

Accessible Gameplay & Contemporary Tabletop-Style Mechanics
Indie game developer and publisher BMC Games (Baby Marsupial Creations) is encouraging players of all ages and experience levels to download and tryout PocketCiv on PC and MacOS via STEAM, the studios accessible 4X (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate) strategy game featuring tabletop-style gameplay and empire-building mechanics. Currently available as an Early Access title, PocketCiv appeals to casual- as well as experienced gamers, 4X fans and strategy buffs. Prepare yourself to build and expand upon your civilization using intuitive gameplay controls and contemporary play particularly designed and centered around experimenting with various strategies to succeed. 

PocketCiv is a rich and feature-packed single-player strategy game of building civilizations. It offers a more playful and light gameplay challenge than most other 4X games and your task is to use Tribes to expand your civilization, create Cities, buy Advances, build Wonders, and send Expeditions, while preparing for the devastation that random events will bring. Only with careful planning and a little luck will your empire stand the test of time. The Early Accessversion currently available is feature complete and offers 15 Scenarios, a Standard game mode, a fully functional tech tree with 50 upgrades, and 17 event types. Whether you consider yourself a builder, an intellectual, an economist or a war monger, PocketCiv has you covered; the intuitive and comprehensive tutorial contains 7 chapters which teach all the core mechanics of the basic game. PocketCiv is a deceptively simple strategy game inspired by the popular print-and-play classic and gives players a full tech tree to develop their empire as they see fit.

PocketCiv is available via STEAM
Developer Website
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