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[2023-11-19 19:35:02]  #Newsid: 18646 | View: 2239


Sienna takes a dark turn in this latest career, the Necromancer. Fatshark released the long-awaited fourth career for Sienna, the Necromancer, on Steam, Xbox, and Playstation.

Since the fight with her twin sister Sofia, Sienna has emerged with new dark magics that allow her to raise the dead. The Necromancer features two new weapons — the Soulstealer Staff and the Ensorcelled Reaper — as well as the ability to command her own army of skeletons to aid her in battle.

Since 2018, Vermintide 2 has released five additional adventure map campaigns, two game mode expansions, and currently five DLC careers, with more content to come in the future.

The Necromancer is available for purchase on Steam as a standalone DLC containing only the career and her new weapons, or as a bundle with additional upgrades containing character skins, hats, and other cosmetics. The career is available as a bundle only on Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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