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[2022-07-11 06:35:01]  #Newsid: 17814 | View: 14403

FREE DEMO available for goblin-fueled survival city-builder, Goblins of Elderstone

Get a taste of building your own goblin tribe in a colorful and unique take on the city-builder genre. Outerdawn is unleashing goblins on the gaming population with a free demo, which will present a limited number of features in hour-long play sessions so that players can jump right in and start building and working with their goblins. Once the demo has been completed, anyone wishing to buy the full version of Goblins of Elderstone can upload the progress they made during the demo and receive rewards retroactively.

Goblins of Elderstone is a unique take on the city-building genre with a goblin-fuelled survival approach where nurturing tribal dynamics is key. Your emphasis is not only on buildings and commerce in your town, but on crafting the culture of its inhabitants and making sure they are happy. Treat your goblins well and they will (mostly) listen to you. Fail to meet their needs and expect them to riot, steal and kill each other. 

In addition to gathering resources and crafting structures, you must engage a layer of diplomacy as you navigate relationships with neighboring tribes, intrepid explorers, bandits, heroes and even gods. Your wits and skill at bartering/bribery negotiations, as well as the occasional pillaging, will help you transform Elderstone from a small village into an empire to be reckoned with.

Play the demo on the Goblins of Elderstone Steam page: 
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