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[2021-12-08 17:35:02]  #Newsid: 17526 | View: 247

Little Bug is out now on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S!

RedDeerGames and Buddy System are proud to inform you that Little Bug is available now on Switch and Xbox consoles. This adventurous platformer was initially released on Steam, collecting a whopping 96% of positive reviews on the platform!

About Little Bug
Play as Nyah and her light companion at the same time. They share an incredible bond that allows a little girl to swing and jump high, destroy obstacles, defeat dangerous demons and light the path that leads to secret areas. Help Nyah escape from the nightmare. She’s an eight-year-old curious little girl with great imagination who suddenly dropped into a dark, hostile world while walking home from school.

Explore an atmospheric dreamlike fantasy world and try to get to the hard-to-reach spots with the help of your bright friend. Collect items with fragments of Nyah’s life in her lunchbox and piece together her story. Decide which treasures you want to keep on your journey, and what to offer to the cat spirit named Roadkill, which can unlock secret zones with special objects and new challenges.
Little Bug is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch. You can find the game in the official stores: Xbox, Nintendo Switch NA, Nintendo Switch EU.

[2021-12-08 04:35:02]  #Newsid: 17525 | View: 858

Farm, Build, Fight and Explore “Len's Island” out on Steam Early Access for PC & Mac!

Build the home of your dreams and tend crops OR throw on a backpack and grab a sword to explore the mysteries within... Len’s Island is an action-adventure / island sim game packed with intense combat and dungeon battles! Following a successful kickstarter campaign in 2020, Flow Studio is proud to announce that action-adventure island sim mash-up, Len’s Island launches on Steam Early Access for PC and Mac.


Len’s Island features:
? Build the home of your dreams - Build wherever you want, make it as big as you want, and choose from a range of materials to let your creativity run wild! Len's Island uses a unique modular building system that allows anyone to feel like a seasoned home designer.

? Looking for some action? - Len's Island is a fast-paced, skill-driven dungeon crawler with a strong focus on engaging a wide range of combat types and loadout combinations. If you've built the perfect pad, tended enough crops and met the local townsfolk, there are deep, dark caves below the island with plenty more to explore.

? Tend to your crops - Use farms to grow the food that fuels your ventures into the dungeons and long days exploring the Islands; as well as grow exotic plants and flowers to sell back to the villagers for gold. Grow large-scale farms throughout the forest, or care for small garden beds on your balcony. Or if you're not the green-thumb type, place some pot plants and call it a day.

? Explore the world and rebuild your surroundings - Len's Island focuses on rewarding adventurers, whether it's finding a long lost sword to claim as your own, rebuilding an old broken bridge or finding hidden rooms in the dungeons. There are many secrets to uncover on the island and below it.

Find Len’s Island online: ? Steam, ? Twitter, ? Youtube, ? Flow Studio, ? Kickstarter

[2021-12-07 16:35:01]  #Newsid: 17524 | View: 1448

Neues Dreams-Update macht das Traumformen so leicht wie nie und bringt ein neues Spiel

Das neue Dreams-Update bietet nicht nur neue, spielbare Inhalte, sondern erleichtert darüber hinaus den Einstieg in das Traumformen. Neue, interaktive Vorlagen machen den Fortschritt spielerisch leicht. 

Exklusiv in Dreams entwickelt und auch nur dort verfügbar ist der Third-Person-Dungeon-Crawler Ancient Dangers: Ein Fledermausmärchen. Das Spiel ruft tapfere Abenteurer auf, im Einzelspieler- oder lokalen Koop-Modus ihre Fähigkeiten zu testen. Dabei erleben Spieler rasante Kämpfe gegen seltsame und manchmal alberne Feinde, herausfordernde Rätsel, sowie einen Showdown gegen einen Drachen mit riesigen Zähnen (und einem noch größeren Ego). 

Doch Ancient Dangers: Ein Fledermausmärchen ist auch Teil des großen DreamShaping 2.0- Update. Hier haben die Entwickler von Media Molecule neue Vorlagen mit unterschiedlichen Schwierigkeitsgraden geschaffen. Mit Hilfe von 2D-Plattformern, Shoot’em ups Sidescrollern, einem Minigolf-Spiels sowie Ancient Dangers: Ein Fledermausmärchen bringen sie den Spielern Werkzeuge und das Vorgehen bei der Spieleentwicklung in Dreams näher. Der Einstieg in das Traumformen war noch nie so schnell, einfach und unterhaltsam, da die Entwicklung in das Spielgeschehen eingebunden wird. 

Weitere Informationen liefert der offizielle PlayStation.Blog.